i want nobody but you!

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This is just a quick post since I have a lot of things to do as I am bombarded with requests and backlogs after being out of the office for 4 days. I got this email from a friend and I'm not really sure if this is for real or just another story from someone who's good with photoshop.

Anyhow, I got this pic through email. Not really sure as to where this came from but if this were for real I would definitely start memorizing the song, together with the dance steps with matching arms akimbo (that's in Korean of course!).


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PHOTOSHOP. oh well. tondo naman eh.anything happens in tondo

exciting ang life sa tondo!

scary talaga! ka level na ang kantang to sa "My Way"..

maimermorize na nga ang Nobody.

oh wow... I hope that was photoshopped! it would be pretty low if that happened for such a petty reason.

potah. yun lang. hehehe. but i think i caught it sa news, round two or three days ago.. sa bente kwatro oras yata as part of their crime beat. not sure.

thats why i downloaded the whole damn album last week :D

haha. kawawa naman yun. ako nga inaasar ng mga kaibigan ko kasi i make up my own lyrics dun sa kanta. nyahaha!

@ eye_spy

thanks for dropping by. yeas. this feeling will be over soon. :D

@markie. dont know bout the "My Way" story.

@Rej. Go! Dapat with matching dance steps.

@ChinkyGirlMeL. I think its for real.I just saw it on the news.

@pie. yeah!

@dan. whole album tlga? haha

@elyas. get better soon. :)

yep, its actually a good first album hehehe