of emails and girls getting pregnant.

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I am still a bit dazed with the sudden death of our Aunt and though I haven't fully recovered from the blow, another not so pleasant news came in. This time it left me feeling impaled in the guts. My mother just called me this morning to tell me that my 18 year old cousin is pregnant. That was an assault that made me sit in bed and wonder what on earth is going on with the people around me. I wasn't able to go to sleep because of that and the best thing to do is just to play DOTA but that's another story.

When I got in to work today and checked on my emails, one of my co-workers sent me a mail which is somehow related to what happened to my dear cousin. Golly, what is wrong with all the kids today! Good thing my mangina is not attached to any uterus or fallopian tube or whatever anatomy there is for girls.


The best short story...

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kids these days are so into wanting a family already. hormone driven i guess. i have a cousingtoo, she's 19 and she knocked up by her man who's only 18. i can already see what they're gonna be 5 years from now. or am i just being judgemental, haha.

and yeah, good thing that reproduction is not "our" thing.

Korek ka! buti na lang wala kang matres kundi, buntis ka na! at may naging anak tayo sa labas! HEHEHE!


Pakabit kaya ako ng man-uterus?


@maxwell. not to be judgmental but really the younger generation are so into baby making, they could probably make a living out of it. kiddin.

@bloiggster. ungas ka! shaddap! naka pills ako nun. haha

@eternal wanderer. that would be cool. you can start a trend.

wow. sometimes i feel like the years of teenagers getting pregnant is long gone. but then you hear more stories.

and LOL at the picture.

i love the short story..

made my day


warm hugs and kisses