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i just got in and the first thing I usually do is check my mails and browse for articles here and there. i stumbled on this blog entry in yahoo: woman got fired,its about a woman who got fired because of sending confrontational emails in bold and ALL CAPS letters. the reason why the article made me laugh is because back then in college, i always get reprimanded by my professors for not using the correct format when doing reports. i suck when it comes to following formats.

i hardly capitalize the first letter in all my sentences when submitting projects and reports. i just dont like looking at the "i" in my sentences in bold letter. i dont make use of apostrophes and what have yous but at least i can still come up with something readable and coherent enough to mull over -- or so i think!

i always get drilled under the tutelage of our teacher whos a spinster and a meticulous "grammarian" but i never heed her word and so i incur a lot of deductions in my reports.

just like vicki walker though i got to laugh at the issue when it comes to our poetry class since mr-high-and-mighty-i-am-a-palanca-awardee-professor justified my way of writing as inherent to the writer and its perfectly ok with him. i guess just like him i think its "to each his own" when it comes to writing. for as long my style doesnt aggravate anyone reading it, i think that a-ok! on second thought, i guess i did annoy my grammar teacher but then again she's so 5 years ago.

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Thats such a stupid reason to get fired. Seriously.

i know. i guess people in their office are so sensitive. that or the emails she was sending out were just too harsh. =)

been on e-mail support for some years now...

i hate reading e-mail all in CAPS... feels like the customer is shouting.. especially if its in Red..

but firing her.. naah that's too much

that's harsh!