love makes the world go round

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"One may have a blazing hearth in one's soul, and yet no one ever comes to sit by it."
-Vincent van Gogh

My heart goes out to my friend when he said that its high time that he finds a partner after years of being alone and lonely. But I commend the audacity and courage of Granny. Despite her age she still knows how to color her world red.

At the age of 107 who would have thought that a woman like her is still in the look out for another partner? While I am shooting at the sky to find my perfect match, dear granny is already on her 23rd husband and counting??

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23rd? oh is really unfair. hehehe

wow. are you serious?

Is there such a thing as a perfect match? :P

you had your love before, but he just slipped away for some reason...

im sure youll find one...kaw pa! cute ka naman at matalino. :)

@geek. she's on my 23rd and im still searching for my "serious" match. life is really unfair. lol.

@constructive attitude. i dont know bout her but the search is on for my match.

@eternal wanderer. ok, so maybe not a perfect match but someone who'll click with me? :D

@bloiggster. you are being kind. and how'd u know i had my fair share of drama in life?

Does this mean sex too?

tanungin ba ako ng ganon? hoy eye spy, kahit papano, alam ko drama mo sa buhay no!

kung nakakapagsalita lang ang mga nasayang nating mga anak! LOL

How do they have sex? At 107, how can she still have libido? Anyway, don't answer that.

@lyka. i would like to think so.

@bloiggster. shaddap!!!

@demigoddess. like seriously, i didnt think of sex when i came across this article. haha. and yeah, i dont want to be too graphic. lol.