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We're on the road
We move from place to place
And oftentimes when I'm about to call it home
We'd have to move along
Life is a constant change...

you ever had that feeling that you're slowly losing everything you have? you try to tighten your grip and yet like the fine sands at the beach it starts trickling out of your palm the moment you have a handful of it. you panic. you try to catch the things that are falling and yet no matter how hard you try it's just no use.

you have to resign to the fact that everything changes. that the only thing constant is change. that change is inevitable! and yet, no matter how hard you try to pound those thoughts on your cranium its just not doing the trick. then you realize you need to wait, wait for the silt to sink and hit rock bottom so that the water will start clearing up. then you can wade your way out of the murky water.

but as you wait, various thoughts plague your peripheral consciousness and you start wrestling with those ideas. you get skeptical, you start weighing things and put to much time thinking that everyone starts looking at you queerly.

you should get hold of yourself and put anxiety on a leash. you have to brave the unknown to find that the beacon of light to cast away that darkness you fear the most. when you find that shining lighthouse, you'll get to see that the things that you think you need are gone but the people who mattered are just there. you were groping in the dark and in your panic you let go of their hands but they stayed. they are still there because you simply matter to them.

so you go back to your normal self knowing that everything is fine now. that though things may have changed and people always go, there are still others who chose to stay. that change is not that bad after all.
PS I know the song is a bit cheesy but i'm just loving it right now.

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ang drama-drama naman nito...

mag transfer ka lang floor...

Congrats... am so happy for you.. seriously! for real...

oh well, since we are talking about change...

So Manila here I come!


i will miss the people tlga. :(

gawd! bakit ka ngtatagalog? you are so good at pacute2x and all.

how come im not that good in that field?! im a failure. boohoo!

kanino naman ako nagpa cute? Hindi ako nagpapacute!

Excited lang ako mag transfer sa manila kaya ako nag prapraktis ng tagalog...

Shocks I cant even say my own language very well and now I'm learning tagalog! hehehe

French is easier! Joke

Miss the people? nasa 5th floor lang kaya kami.. duh..

you just said it yourself.. ngpapacute ka kay trench and kay maxwell.

good luck friend! :)

sometimes, things change for the better...

thank you for following..will return the same...

@the geek. thank you!