marley and me

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while speedily traversing jones avenue this morning, the person behind the wheels cursed as a whimper of an animal in pain reverberated our ears. out of nowhere a dog zoomed across the street and got hit by this maniacal driver who i presumed, was high on drugs as early as 5 am. instead of making a fuss out of it or playing dead in the middle of the street, the dog just ran the entire width of the road, limping on its hind leg and eventually disappeared at the back of a building.

not feeling a bit sorry for the dog, mister-i-have-bloodshot-eyes-and-im-high-on-drugs damned the dog saying, "piste kang iroa ka! wa ka namatay!" i momentarily laughed at that remark remembering that thats how an office mate curses every time he gets pissed off at work.

then a pang of remorse hit me like a hammer striking an anvil. i sat inside the jeepney transfixed, thinking: "Hey that dog is ME!

i am that dog! not because im covered with hair and i have its poor puppy eyes and four legs (oh! not the four legs!) but rather im a survivor!

lifes a bit harsh with all the bad news and all. love lifes zero and heck my sex life is going down the drain real fast. faster than i can utter the words: wait a minute! im still here. still standing and much stronger than yesterday. smiling like everything is just fine (and i know everything will be fine -- eventually!) and laughing my ass out louder than the deranged Sisa could.

im alive and im loving every minute of it!

im still here with feet firmly rooted on the ground, still upright and enduring the crushing of the hammer and the anvil. im still here and i will be here til i get to the end of the road.

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just keep positive. that's the attitude. :) thanks for dropping by my blog pala. i added you to my blogroll. :)

Whoa! A Cebuano blogger, eh? I watched Marley and Me and I cried not because it was an effin good movie but because I owned several dogs who are all with the ex-husband now. Jeepney drivers piss me off-whether they are trying to get the passengers killed or trying to kill a poor dog--so I take a cab instead.

@pao pielago. thanks pao! im trying.. :)

@demigoddess. yes angel, i am cebuano and we used to work together. bwahahahaha..