sana dalawa ang puso ko

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Boy meets girl. Confesses his feelings but Girl is indecisive. She likes boy but is too scare to give it a shot, probably because of a not-so-good-previous-relationship. Girl's bestfriend came prancing into the scene. She's a bombshell, a bit coquettish and isn't scared to try something new every once in awhile. Girlfriend falls for boy and starts to take things seriously.

Boy and girl knows each others' feelings but this time, things just wont work out easily because everything has gotten complicated somehow. Boy is now dating girlfriend and she is getting really weak on the knees. Now boy is in love with the two but feels girl means more to him than girlfriend. Girl can no longer hold back and decided to free herself from her self-made cage. She ran to boy's arms.

Boy and girl came up with a plan to break the news to girlfriend but things spin out of hand and start careening off to the sidetracks. Before they can deliver the blow to girlfriend, she already had the puzzle figured out and the pieces fall into their respective places. Meanwhile, Girl again got two on her mind about the idea of blowing the news to girlfriend's face. She's got qualms about what they are about to do and if boy is really worth the price of losing her bestfriend. The plan backfired and blew at their faces (boy's and girl's)and bestfriend feels betrayed.

Everyone ended up having nobody. Girl went back to her shell and feels guilty about the whole thing. Boy starts apologizing to girlfriend and was completely shunned, attempts to go after girl but she clams up. Girlfriend is not talking to either boy or girl and feels better to leave things that way. Girl is dying of guilt.

Love sometimes can be so complicated thus the song "Sana Dalawa Ang Puso Ko". Then again broken hearts do still beat and I'm just thankful this is not my story. Im very much interested with how things will turn out in the long run.

I wonder.. *think* *think* *think*

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