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my life is not something i wish to be cannibalized by the people around me, not even friends are welcome to pry into things i consider private. anything sexual and anything that has to do with my heart are off limits to people. its for me, myself and i to enjoy. other than that you can stick your nose into for all i care and we can go along messing each others business to a certain degree.

now i understand that most of my friends are concerned that i still dont have a steady partner til now. though i go out with a couple of people before, it never lasted for longer than a month or two and i never introduce them to my friends. not that im not proud with the people i date but rather because my friends are too engrossed with the hullaballo that one should have a boyfriend cutout from the magazine. they put too much emphasis on looks and think that dating someone who's not that hot or good looking is a social suicide.

i hate to rub it on their noses but they themselves are not that hot or good looking and they are not intellectually entertaining either. haha! i know we are friends but they're always mean towards other people that it gets irritating sometimes. there was one time when we were off work and we decided to hang out at mcdonalds downstairs for a quick chow and to use the free wifi, i saw my crush (the usual chinky eyed boy next door type) and i had one of my friend check him out. instead of just looking at the guy he scrutinized him and he (the guy) was just about a meter away from us. he wasnt satisfied with the staring that he even made some snide remarks about him not minding the fact that the person could have heard him. i was on the brink of going diva on him but i stopped, thinking that that's just the way he is. i would have pointed out the fact that he is already leaning towards obesity etc.. etc.. etc.

i mean, its ok if im seen hanging around with the not so cool people. for starters, beauty is a relative word. second of all, i get to choose who i want to be seen with and if everything will go completely wrong, it wont be you who's going to mope around and cry cry cry. and lastly, you may feel like youre the most gorgeous person there is but thats just that that... you feeling everything youre really not! now looks are of course given consideration but after first meetings i'd likely lose interest with how you look. i tend to gravitate towards people who can talk and at the same time carry themselves in public. guys who are smart are just damn sexy for me!

i was under the impression that i will be kissing dating goodbye real soon but nahh.. im renewing my membership to the dating club. call me?

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hmmm interesting... Who could this be? Yes I am mean but I'm only 130lbs. For a 5'6" tall am not close to obese....

I think I know this person... One hell of a diva... trying so hard to fit in... I mean to his Size S shirt that is...

Wait, I bet his eyes flashed like a flashlight when he said those lines... hahaha

peace friend!


you are getting personal. >:) lol