the demise of the cuckoo duck

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there was once a very proud mallard. although she thinks highly of herself, everyone thinks shes just another wild duck. she goes about grazing along the pond, living in her loony world and believing that she has the most shiny and beautiful feathers. all the animals in the pond look at her queerly as they know that she might keel over, go bonkers and start having seizures every time she misses her dinner.

the mallard, we'll name her luna in this story, has this feeling that sometimes everyone stares at her as she visits the pond. luna has this nagging sensation that the animals around her sees her as a "cuckoo." but again, she thinks highly of herself and she believes shes the most learned of all the animals (she just finished her graduate studies in one of the most prestigious uni in animalandia) so she dismissed the thought that she is a "cuckoo" because she is a sultry mallard -- according to her.

then came winter, the animals packed their bags for a long hibernation while others travelled in groups to places warmer. (read: bantayan) since she is a pariah in the pond, she asked some migratory birds if she can tag along with them. eva, the leader of the flock gave her her nod in the condition that when she goes diva on them, the group will leave her behind.

they entered warm territories and from the looks of it, the hot birds are getting annoyed evey time luna opens her mouth to speak. she just blathers on and on about how good and smart she is. now dont ask me what they talked about but luna is just plain annoying.

for that, she got booted out of the group and was kind of lost not knowing where to go. again, thinking that shes a smart ass, she made the mistake of landing on a grassland. she wasnt aware that its hunting season and i guess her degree in whatever couldnt save her this time.

suddenly, she heard a loud gunshot. bang! she ducked for safety but she felt heavy on the sides. she got hit! she quickly ran for cover but too late, the hunting dogs picked up her scent. before she could flap her now clipped wings, three dogs ravaged and one can hear her bones breaking as the dogs dug their teeth on her body. she quacked for help but no one came to her rescue.

finally, two hands pulled her lifeless body out of the riotous dogs. between bites and pawing she lost a lot of her feathers and she looked worst than a chicken in the supermarket devoid of its plumage. the hunter turned her round and round and after seconds of scrutinizing luna, he tossed her back to the dogs because shes just not worth serving on the table. so the fiasco continued until poor luna got shredded into bits and pieces.

and thus the demise of the "cuckoo" duck.

now, since youre so proud of your degree, go figure that one out because i-am-oh-so-seeing-a-lot-of-red-right-now. and since i cant go lambaste you or smack your head with a baseball bat, i might as well kill you in my story. oh yeah, you need not tell me im demented, thats diagnosed eons ago. you be the shrink, bitch!

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..stupid duck.

hahaha. this post sent my ass to kingdom come... :)

@cheryl: thanks for droppin by. love your page!

@anne: ana lang teh. hehe.