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one way for you to be really happy is to take risks. although these risks may bring the danger of getting hurt, it still feels good to know that at the end of the day you have given it a shot, that you'll go to sleep not thinking about all the what ifs in the world. the biggest mistake and failure they say beats the hell out of not trying at all.

i am in good terms with my ex and though we have our own dramas in life, we still click after almost two years of not keeping in touch. its nice knowing that our relationship right now is way warmer than how we started years ago. he knows i am selfish when it comes to attention and time and yet he's still there teasing my heart that it does back flips and somersaults everytime he says those three words. my heart says go but my mind is saying no. i have doubts and im born a skeptic.

i really wanted to let go and just throw all the caution to the wind and just let myself fall. however with the knowledge that he will be leaving soon, will it still be worth giving a shot? i was saddened when he mentioned that he will be leaving the city soon, how much more if we will commit to each other and spend days and months apart? i never believe in LDR. i dont think it will ever work with PLUs. the day that i told him i was sad bout the news he just laughed and didnt give it a thought. that saddened me all the more.

i dont want him to go but i will content myself with the thought that there is always a new story after every chapter. im glad that despite my being so-hard-to-get-along-with-sometimes, he's still a friend and he knows how to cheer me up. i just hope that whatever the outcome of this thing that we have we both end up finding a portion of that happiness we are looking for.

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