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a friend was off work and instead of staying at home and doing a marathon of his newly acquired dvds, he renewed his membership at Club Dating. so off he went to see this guy i referred to him from friendster. while i was busy working my ass off (read: browsing blogspot), he kept on texting me about his date. how he was enjoying the night, that his date was pleasant to the eyes and hilariously a butch who goes loco over local celebrities. as to how he acted when he saw this celeb i dont know, but i can only imagine my friend's eyebrow hitting the ceiling.

before he hit the sack and called it a night i already learned 5 things from him about dating:

1. friends tramp over date. friends always come before your date especially if you two are not really hitting on each other. a friend in distress is like the oldest excuse to bail out on your date.

2. "dating" is something intimate. its time for you two to get to know each other and to check if you two will click. if friends tag along or crash on your night and your date is ok with that then i guess you can qualify that as hanging out. as to what will be your demarcation line will be, i dont give a rats ass.

3. never set expectations. its one thing if you wish and visualize how your night will end. its another if you expect your date to be your knight in shining armor. its good to hope but its another thing if you expect. youd likely end up getting disappointed and that will really really really ruin your night.

4. possibilities are endless. if your date's friends crash on your night and somehow you and your date lost interests with each other, its best that youre always on guard. you never know whos within your radar checking you out.

5. never drink and drive with someone you hardly know. getting drunk with friends is fine. getting wasted and driving with a stranger is another matter. you might end up at a car park somewhere doing unimaginably kinky stuff at the backseat. or worst, get robbed?

so how about we go out on a date? lets just skip #5 because a) i dont know how to drive and b) im only horsing around with someone from my past.

so call me? Ü

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