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While commuting my way to work this evening I noticed how other people can be so crude in picking their noses. I was sitting across this guy who was with a friend and he was "cleaning" his nasal cavity while talking to his friend. I mean, nothing wrong with that except that his finger was already half way in. Gad, I was so afraid he might end up picking his brains cause his bony finger was really busy doing an intensive lobotomy through his nose. He wasn't even using his pinky finger.

I could have laughed out loud because his face was in this distorted angle while he was trying to capture the pesky booger but i figured that would be rude. So I turned sideways and sniggered instead.

Nothing wrong with cleaning ur nose really but please cant you just not do it in public? If you cant really help it, cover your nose with a hanky dude. The worst part of the scene is, after he got "it" he just flicked his finger as if that was the most casual thing to do while in a public vehicle. I wonder where that thing flew and who was the poor fellow who unknowingly caught it.

I spent the rest of the travel time spotting people who are immaculately cleaning their noses in front of the whole world to see and what a sight that has been.

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i totally abhor people who do that in public! KADIRI!