you had a bad day... you sing a sad song just to turn you around

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for some reason i feel more comfortable talking about the issues of my life with people online, mostly to strangers. i dont know if we have some commonalities on that but i just feel that its better to talk to someone whom you dont know but can give you an objective view on the issue. other than that, its good that after the chitchat you can just say goodbye and forget about everything without fearing that someone might go gossipy on you. now i have a lot of things in mind lately and just this morning after being out cold for 2 short hours i suddenly woke up only to find out im no longer able to go back to sleep. sleeping for someone like me who usually dozes off for more than 10 hours a day has been pretty elusive lately. so instead of just lying in bed i decided to go online instead and talk to random people.

so i logged on to my YM account and browsed through the list of local rooms. i joined in and started talking to several people. my attention was leaning more on this middle aged guy who was kind enough to offer his two cents regarding my drama in life. he talked about religion and quoted some verses for me and i really appreciated that. he is smart and most of us would agree that whats between your ears is way sexier than whats between your legs. a couple of minutes of tapping the keyboard, he asked if i have a picture or a webcam and if i would like to see him on cam. i directed him to my friendster account which was by the way, set to private.

in turn, he invited me to view him. i accepted the invitation and lo and behold... instead of seeing a shrink with uber huge specs and tousled hair or a living saint with this radiating halo -- he displayed his dong for the world to see. yes, his junior was happily waving at the camera. what the fuck was he thinking? i cannot believe that someone so sensible was at the same time a pervert who was stroking his penor while advising me. mortifying!

i know life is what we make it and we attract what we think and all that but really.. im having a not so good day today. im feverish but im still at work and my stomach is growling in pain. hyperacidity attack --- again. incidentally, its not just me who's suffering right now. the person sitting right next to me has been complaining about his tummy the entire shift. and he just asked me a question awhile ago:

seatmate: have you had your endoscopy already?
me: no! im scared.
seatmate: me too! id rather have a d*ck probing my gullet than... what's that thing they stick inside your stomach?
me: (falling off my seat)

hmmm... i think my seatmate and that man on cam would really get along just fine.

i want my mama! :(

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Hey you! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I think your blog is awesome! Keep writing. And be wary of the online pervs.

Good luck, hun.And whatever your drama is, I'm raising a virtual mug of beer and saying "Cheers. You'll survive."

hahaha... I like the last part... but wait.. I said that... tsk... tsk.. tsk...

My tummy still hurts.. I think its the coffee

@demigoddess: thanks for checking my page. i'll drink to that!

@clipped wings: its not the coffee. its the pitcher after pitcher of weng2x we have every weekend! haha..

alright then.. cheers to me and you and demigoddess... hahahha

how's the vodka?

@clipped wings: you want the bottle? haha. the vodka is gone!

i've gulped the last drop while wallowing in the dramas of my life and now im fine! :D