walk away

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they say words are powerful tools that could either break the soul or uplift the ego, crush one's self-esteem or boost the morale. effects may vary depending on how we say our lines and saying the right words is not even enough cause timing plays an integral part in the picture. so its good to strike a balance between timing and the right words to say.

we all know that rejection is always part of the game of flirting. irregardless of how subtle the rejection is, a no is still a no. but sometimes other people are just not used to hearing that word: no. although it may bruise our ego the best thing to do is not to push it but rather to silently walk away and lick our wounded pride and just forget about everything.

i've been hanging around with this kid (and i say kid because he's still 21 and im as old as his grandfather) and i jokingly matched him with another friend. for some demented reason he is not interested with my friend but instead he turned his attention to me.i've been telling him im not interested with younger guys and that i just see him as my younger brother. im not sure if the message got across and if he chose to ignore it but he is definitely not stopping. he just wont take no for an answer. i tried persuading him to give my friend a chance but i guess my matchmaking skills are not working because he just wont budge.

it gets irritating whenever he keeps on texting and calls me those unimaginable terms of endearment. when you dont reply he would think you ran out of load and he would immediately load you up. when youre at work he would bombard you with text messages and youd end up with 57 messages before your shift ends and then he would apologize saying hes just bored.

i already asked him to stop calling me baby, honey and whatnot because i cringe everytime i hear someone call me that. he agreed but in one stupid condition: that i will be all his the moment he pass the board exam for nurses. just so he would stop, the stupid me agreed and now im really getting annoyed with all his drama in life. that was a mistake, i know but i got really annoyed that i just said yes to all the things he was saying just so he would shut up.

i dont really want to give him false hope and i dont to play around with him, but when you're being pushed to the wall and you feel like being cornered, you squirm and you find means to get out of that tight spot; thats what i tried to do, though it wasnt really much of a graceful exit. we all want to feel needed and loved but i dont think pushing yourself to someone and acting like a total fool will call upon the feelings you wanted to come from the other person. since he wont back off i guess bitch slapping him with the fact that my heart belongs to someone else will do the job.

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by agreeing with his condition that you'll be his after the board exams, you gave that kid false hope.

you actually dug your own grave. for sure, he will make you kulit once he's done with his board exams. and that for sure would be worse.

he's gone.. someone already took care of him for me.