three month rule

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i just saw this film with john lloyd and bea alonzo entitled one more chance. i hardly watch tagalog movies and i say this film is pretty ok. there was this interesting part in the movie about this three month rule in dating. honestly i am not aware of this rule and i find it funny that i just heard about it. it says youre not supposed to go out on a date within three months after the break-up. the reason according to the person sitting beside me right now is to prevent you from making the next person the rebound.

makes sense really but i wonder if this rule applies to PLUs? to that he answered, "i dont think it applies to us guys given that most of us are promiscuous." touche! i've seen friends who were together for months, even years, but the moment one of them decided to call it quits they both went out partying and sleeping with people as if its the last thing they will ever do.

i asked around and its not just me who isnt aware of that rule. one friend happened to know that rule and incidentally the reason she knew about it is through the same movie. i guess im not really an ignoramus in the world of dating... (not that i've been dating a lot cause i hate to go out a date but im hoping someone would ask me out on a date.)

my other friend has a point though when he said: "actually, wala yan sa kung gaano katagal kang bakante... basta sa tingin mo eh mahal mo na yung bagong dumating eh di go...take note...i literally said, in love....hindi yung sinabi mo lang na love mo kasi feel mo ibooking. "

its being politically correct but if the two of you are amicable with the idea of dating after you break up then thats fine, although personally it hurts like hell if you see the other one seeing someone new irregardless of whether your into the dating scene yourself. now you may say whatever you want to say but i think if your feelings were for real you really would have a hard time letting go and you might consider the three month rule of dating a brilliant idea brought about by civilization.

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