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i havent written anything lately and if i do write something its usually just a lot of blah about things i usually go against with. i understand that blogging is one way of venting out your angst and whatnot. your page is all yours and you can write whatever you want to write on your little space in the net. bottom line: to each his own. but how would you feel knowing that someone talked (or wrote something) about the day you got intimate with that person? i am confused really and i dont know whether to laugh out loud as to how that person has seen the turn of events or to feel betrayed and insulted despite him not really dropping my name on his entry.

i honestly detest people who cant keep things private. its like a betrayal of the code omerta. what happens behind close doors should remain there otherwise i will slam the door with your hands on the jamb. i dont talk about my sex life even with friends although most of them really think that i am really that active. i just let them think what they want to think, no point in convincing people who had their minds set that i am promiscuous.

i am at work right now and i honestly cannot concentrate on what im doing after i've read some of the write-ups from his page. aside from him writing something on what happened between the two of us, he blatantly posted about how he slept with some people and there was even a post about how he "deflowered" this young guy. to each his own really but seeing my name on his page next to his sordid cruising made me feel like im just one of his numerous fuck. for crying out loud he used to be my partner.

i know its not his intention to let me read that post but he shouldnt have mentioned his blog when he popped in to say "hi" online. nothing major really but i just felt a jab on my ego. what's with the need to herald to the world your hanky pankies? i just dont get it and im not even sure if im making sense right now but there is just a need for me to put into writing this welling emotion of whatever.

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