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i hate it that we dont have internet access at the training room. im not able to login to the site and i cant read my friends' blah. so every time we have our 30 minute breaks i have to run to the 5th floor and by the time i get there im too woozy with the elevator ride that if there's something i would like to write, i already lost all the thoughts at the lobby.

and so i try to retrospect and start grappling with the thoughts and since im also under time constraints, i always end up writing something incoherent and even incomprehensible. not that my writing makes sense but whatever.

since we will be having out training for two grueling months i'll be posting stuff that are worst than a grade school's essays. (again, thats under the assumption that i can write something worth the read).

see? i dont even know what im blabbering about and i was late awhile ago when i got back from our first break. *sigh* gotta run.. again!

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Come back soon! Email me. You got me so curious about you.