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Things I Realized On My Way Home This Morning:

1. Just because you've said your "I'm sorry" doesn't mean that you guys are already OK. A smile could mean more than your interpretation of an I-accept-your-apology-and-we're-good-to-go. It's also not nice to pretend you're fine when deep down you haven't really forgiven the other party. It would be best if you can just be true to yourself.

Forgive and forget is easy said than done.

2. People who talk a lot usually don't have that much idea. They just sit there and yak something about the topic you started but when you stop talking and give them the floor, they start groping for words and will look at you like a dog that hasn't been fed. They're just good at paraphrasing what you've just said without realizing how stupid they sound. Not impressive at all.

Less talk, less mistakes.

3. Other people only appreciate you if you bring something to the table. If you're the type that gets swallowed in the crowd, you're a nobody to them. You're too pedestrian, I should say. If you start whining and go against what they want, you're an insolent person. If you have something to serve but you're too assertive with your points of view, you're someone to watch out for. They always say lead by example and yet they want to put a leash on you and treat you like a puppy.

You can't please everyone. Sorry, I don't kiss ass. I bite!

4. "Just because you're not loved the way you want to be loved doesn't mean you are not loved at all."

I don't know where that came from and who said that but I'm pretty sure I just read that somewhere. That's the message I sent to a friend after she kept on complaining about her boyfriend early in the morning. That shut her up PLUS she told me "I always say the right things at the right time." Sweet! Not sure if she was really thankful for that or she was just being sarcastic but that made me feel smart even though I was about to collapse before I could even reach the bed.

5. Having someone tell you something and hearing that same person tell another version of it to another group of people while you're around is something I really find funny. Twisting you're words/stories just to sound interesting won't make you a star. Someone just might be laughing behind your back and you might end up as the laughing stock. The butt of prank. If that's your feeble way to make yourself sound cool then you're IQ just dropped a 100 points!

Walk the talk.

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Glad to have surf into your blog.. will be back for more read


dami naman...ang haba siguro ng nilakbay mo...hehehe

Wise words, my friend.

My boyfriend loves me, but not the way I want him to love me, and if I get sick that he doesn't love me the way I want him to, this girl is flying away.

But hey, that's me.

this post just made me realize what I need to realize... hehehe . so here's my 10 cents wroth of thoughts on things:

Point 1. I bet i know the inspiration to this. hehehehe.. Im all too excited about our trip. And yes, I can FORGIVE too but i'll NEVER FORGET because if we all do, then we all will never learn. :)

Point 2. I disagree. I am living testament that some people who talk a lot also have brilliant thoughts. (but then again, am a rare specie..) Yeah, am conceited!

Point 3. That's why everyone is on a dog eat dog journey to climbing the corporate ladder. Major corporate ass kissers in the world, lemme hear you say "AMEN!"

Point 4. I agree. Sometimes, we demand too much and spend so much time digging other's dirt without even getting a little dirt off ourselves!

Point 5. Let's go for a kill!

Yes, for chrissses sake, you may call this a blog within your blog...


I like the 4th one. :)

@leon. thanks for droppin by.

@thegeek. ay sinabi mo pa. hehe. but i enjoy long jeepney rides basta di lang mainit yung panahon.

@demigoddess. haayyyy.. i just wish i have someone right now. lol!

@alittleodd. ay ambot! mgblog ba sa akong page. haha.

@joaqui. hehe..

am at the office.. surpise?

I have powers... and I'm not telling.. hahah

I like number 4... but it wont work for me...

if the guy doesnt love me the way I want them to... goodbye...

hey, you came up with # 4 from one of our conversations?

agree with #3.. I dont kiss ass too... hate me for all I care...

@clippedwings. yeah i did mention that when we had one of our drinking sprees. i dont know, i always feel smart when im drunk and when im sleepy. hahaha.. ("feel" being the operative word)

i guess i've stopped asking for too much.

and no, i wasnt surprised at all that you have access no. c",)