my lola's at work with me

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Kiss-Kick-Kiss. That's how we normally give feedback.

I never thought that coaching people could be so difficult. Imagine giving feedback to someone who is almost twice your age, who just cannot help but be defensive every time you strike a point and who segues to personal issues. Exhausting!

Sometimes I ask myself why I ever accepted the position when to begin with I was really hesitant to sign the papers because of the nature of the business.

The funny thing is, despite the fact that I was almost on the brink of strangling the person in front of me she was able to somehow tug a string in my heart. The reason being she reminds me of my dear lola. Gawd! I miss my lola. Then again, my lola is never the type who wallows on trivial things but instead do things her way and the rest she includes on her daily rosary.

The problem with this lady is she always have alibis and she puts the blame on others instead of owning up her crap. Though I understand where she is coming from, its just draining to hear her rantings about the people around her to the point that she even tells me to be very cautious with the others as they are just using me.

Although the issue was just an iota of misunderstanding between themselves, she tends to magnify things that instead of getting your sympathy you would likely look at her queerly. She treats me like a kid who is so gullible and I just don't know what to do with her that out of irritation, I had to cut the discussion short since we are straying really really far from where we started. Of course, to seal the discussion with a kiss I gave her one of my chupa-chups and like the good girl I want her to be she smiled and walked away saying she'll do better next time.

I guess in time, I will learn how to put emotions in the backseat and start firing away point by point. SOS!

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Kiss-Kick-Kiss... sounds familiar...

I missed my old sup... which is now your new manager...

it's her pep strategy! hahahhah

no one is perfect she said.. which is true..

I hate my sup now... she just gives me mu Score...

numbers dont describe me!

goodluck to your new career path!

i know!

we'll i've stopped minding her. she doesn't exist.

learn the art of deadma kung baga. :P