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i usually go online and chat every time something is bothering me. earlier today, my friend and i went to ayala to watch T2. the movie wasn't that great but i just love mika dela cruz, she's just a sweetheart with those cute eyes. there was a line there said by one of the enkantadas wherein the gist goes like: "why are you so proud of your heart and soul when all you get from it is pain and suffering?"

i've been hurting the past couple of days but i dont want to talk about it with friends. the pain climaxed as i knew the truth from the very person causing the pain. though i got to know it vicariously, it was just tantamount to having that person tell me its over.

so i just sat in front of the computer trying to digest everything. before i could even go maricel soriano with all the sobbing and the bawling, someone popped up to say hi. that distracted me for awhile and i inadvertently wiped my misty eyes with the back of my hand. i just got saved from another round of drama.

it's andrew, a friend who is now in dubai. its kind of normal for him to check on me every now and then and to give me his litany of questions which he will end with asking about my sex and love life. i told him i scored zero on both checklists and it even went to negative now. being the naughty and silly oaf that he is, he gave me his golden advice for the day.

andrew: if only i don't have to leave, i would have married you right now and we'll already have a dozen babies.
me: gago ka talaga!
andrew: no seriously, you're a good guy medyo sumpingin nga lang ng topak at mataray pero mabait ka naman.
me: and that's supposed to make me feel ok? ha!
andrew: cheer up uy! tatanda ka nyan. be happy na lang na single tayo. atleast pwede tayo mgloko ng di naguiguilty. hehe.. hanap na lang kita ng booking jan gusto mo?
me: ulol! wag na. i can handle the job! hahaha..

so before mr sun was up, basa na ang tigang na lupa...

they say people who still see each other after they've thrown in the towel still has some unsettled issues. not this time. it was just lust on an easter sunday. he understood. no i love yous and sweet nothings. we just let ourselves get consumed by the raging heat inside and as we extinguished the last ember of lust with a final kiss, i realized i'm not at all feeling any guilt for visiting someone from my past.

no more pain and heartaches for now, i dont want to turn into a masochist in the name of whatever you want to call it -- love.

you are right, too much testosterone just wont work out. someone is bound to screw up along the way. i'm just glad it wasn't me.

on second thought, there was really no commitment to begin with so i guess we really don't have any liabilities at all. so you can now take back your empty and meaningless i love yous. go take it somewhere else. its better that things end this way. adios!

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I like how you said:

so you can now take back your empty and meaningless i love yous. go take it somewhere else.

I love you and loyalty are so overrated. It doesn't mean anything at all. I guess honesty is key. If you can't keep your dick (pussy) in your pants, be honest about it to your partner so they know. I like honesty above all the virtues that needs to be in a relationship.

@demigoddess. i couldnt agree with you more. now i see why other people are so jaded when it comes to love and all the ek-ek in the world.

then again, its nice to know that you're in love even if its the unrequited kind.

so nice to see you this afternoon. too bad though i wasnt able to stay and chat.. :(

goodthing you said that. i won't watch T2 anymore then hahahaha.

cheer up, sweetie! *HUGS*
thanks for following my blog bb :D

@herbs. you shouldnt listen to the way i give out a review. im bad at it. haha.

love your site though i havent gotten the time to really check out your other posts. :)

thanks for droppin by.