i'm a good kisser!

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The officers got reshuffled this week and I got assigned to another team. Earlier today while having a meeting with the managers and the clients, one of the team leaders gave their feedback on how each wave is going with the training and all.

One of them spoke up and said, "How come those guys are so attached to you and they even long to have you back?"

The spotlight was on me and I was dumbfounded for awhile. Then she added while laughing, "They always compare me to you and they openly say it on my face. I'm nice. I don't bite. What's their problem? It seems like they don't want me."

I wasn't able to answer her since the other team lead replied, "Because he kicks hard like a stallion (read: redhorse) but he kisses more than he kicks and he's a good kisser. I got to sit on one of his coaching session and he does it smoothly."

Now that made my day!

Every time I get to visit those guys, they always ask me when I'm coming back and if I will still be part of their team. Awwww.. schucckkkksss. That was sweet of them to ask. I dunno, it's just heartwarming to feel so welcome.

There's this one guy who's a bit naughty and unruly in class who told me that "we" (him, an elderly guy, this funny girl and I) are already the notorious "team bulldog" in the account. We are the brainy bunch and we should lead the team. I don't know where that came from and I absolutely have no idea that I'm now notorious but it's cool to know that I have a new clique aside from the power rangers. Apparently, these guys are my eyes in that room since they never fail to update me on what's happening inside.

Funny how they always say they miss me even if we each other during lunch breaks and they flood my mailbox almost in a day to day basis.

I guess I'm doing the right thing this time? That or I'm just naturally born a good kisser.

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notorious? lemme say a bitch! hahaha

nice to hear that atch!

youre a good kisser? lemme be the judge! hahaha!

@clippedwings. im not a bitch. im a sweetheart. :)

@bloiggster. you know im a good kisser. you're just horny and you want to get a kiss from me. :P

seriously though. good kisser? pa try nga :P hahaha

wow! ur team must be so lucky to have u as their TL. i so hate my current TL, she's mean and insensitive. not an encouraging force!