imp of a friend

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I received a text message around 2 am in the morning. It was from a friend. He said he badly needs to talk to me and he has a huge favor to ask. I replied saying I'm still at work but hopefully I will be out by 4 am if there will be no meeting afterwards. He will just wait and I can just text him where I would like to meet him up.

Luckily, our boss told us that meeting has been cancelled and we can go home early since it will be a long day tomorrow with the clients. I called him up saying I can meet him somewhere near Fuente OsmeƱa where we can talk. I went inside a fastfood chain and ordered some food since my stomach has been growling of hunger. I received another text message from him, he is on his way. Said he is taking a cab from his place so it won't take that long for him to get there.

I enjoyed my food while waiting. He arrived and I noticed that his hair was wet contrary to what he said that he jumped off his bed and rushed to Fuente without having to change his clothes. Hmmmm.. I pointed that out to him. He just smiled sheepishly and said that he decided to just take a quick shower to wake him up. I playfully smacked his head and told him that I know where he's from.

Honey, I know you'll get to read this but the next time you to lie to me, make sure that you don't have any incriminating evidence with you.

With him was a bottle of water with a huge sticker of this motel nearby. Stupid!

You horny imp! Had it been that I don't love you I wouldn't have rescued you. Now you owe me one and I think you should cook dinner for me this weekend.

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hahaha the things we will do for our friends...

i miss my friends...

hala iblog diay? mwah. LoVe YoU friend... :)


@the geek. i know. lol.

@dan. hoy! amawa ka.. dinner! hahaha