bitch from hell

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its my second day of training with my new job and i cant believe i need to work with someone who is just so effing annoying. i never expected someone "professional" can be so crude, rude and at the same a warfreak from vietnam circa whatever. our trainer and i had an understanding that we are dealing with the reincarnated version of sybil. the worst part is she changes her personality faster than a chameleon could blend in to its environment.

just this morning, the three of us: me, our trainer and the ever gorgeous sybil had a conversation about some heart problems Mars (trainer) has. he was chatting about his medication and how often he has to take the meds to keep him on his feet. the ever omnipotent sybil interrupted the conversation saying she would like to take a look at those bottles of pills. she started opening the pedestal of Mars to which he objected saying he doesnt want to show her anything. she held on to the drawers which pissed off Mars until he told her that the moment she will really get into his nerves he will shred her into pieces using the paper shredder next to his cube. that shut her up and she ended up smiling sheepishly. gawd i hate her!

after the not so intellectual banter between the two of them she saw on his pc a picture of him standing next to anne curtis. she asked where the picture was taken and since she just cannot shut her trap she blurted out that he looked so ugly next to anne. my jaw almost dropped to the floor with that remark. i cannot imagine the nerve of this bitch to tell that on the face of our supervisor so to speak. he got offended but instead of going after her neck, he just gave her this wounded look while saying, "you are so rude!" that never bothered her and instead of apologizing she just laughed instead.

before he dismissed us, we went down to grab some food at mcdonalds. she saw one of her previous colleague walking towards our direction but when she called out, the guy opted to ignore her which pissed her off. she got so scandalous and started shouting at him. saying she will plant a flying kick on his face for being such a snob. i was completely flabbergasted with how professional she deals with other people. our trainer was snickering though and after she piped down, he told her that she is a war freak straight from vietnam and that he is wondering how she got the position given the attitude that she has.

he then asked if we have some questions that he could probably address but i said i have none in mind. she commented on that saying my brain is not working. the nerve of this heathen from hell! i got hold of myself and i just gave her my taray eyebrow. that never failed to do the trick. the next time she will cross my way im going to make sure that she will be howling in pain as i will be kicking her in the groin.

we were still chatting downstairs when she suddenly spaced out and said she is having some memory problems lately. she said she tends to forget things that just happened minutes before. she asked what we were talking about and our trainer and i were just looking at each until i told her that she is scaring me. before we said our adieu, he gave me a very inspiring talk and he closed it with the following words: "you will be working be working hand in hand wih her so good luck with your job!"

thank you so much and im really looking forward to the day that i will finally jump on her and start squeezing the life out of her beefy neck.

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i wonder who this is? hmmmmm... is this the spineless bitch I hated before too?

i dont think so. hehe. i dont really have any issues with her and im crossing my fingers that that wont happen. :)

Where did you move? And let me at that girl so I can tear her to pieces with my bare hands!

Um, I don't have beef with her, too, but I am just having a bad night so I wanna vent at her if possible.

@demigoddess. within the same company, just a new account. by all means please poke her eyes out. haha

way to goooooooooooooo!! hehe,,nah,,just burn your office down and make it appear as if its an accident..and oh make sure that she's in there before doing the deed..for best results slit her throat first..para wala na chance mabuhay..haha! aja!