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"recognition is greatly appreciated by everyone, not just people in business and industry. even a little bit of recognition can go an incredibly long way in a persons life. everyone is incredibly hungry for appreciation and recognition. as you interact with people, walk slowly through the crowd... it will make you a person of significant influence in their lives."

~becoming a person of
by J. Maxwell and J. Dornan~

before i left my previous office i get to receive a total of about 30 small notes. these notes are basically intended to somehow cheer up someone or just simply to tell that person how he or she touched your life or just to write anything about that person.

i was really touched and im overwhelmed by the notes given to me. although not everyone took the time to write something, majority of the very small population in our office made my day before i left my second home. i cant believe that in my own way i was able to touch some lives in the account and im greatly humbled by the appreciation you showed guys!

now i know im good at what im doing (haha!!) but seriously thank you so much for the recognition and all. the thought of you guys recognizing me beyond what is written on the ranking list means so much more to me. and to you who proposed to me on that same day, just drop me a line and we'll talk about it. (haha!) you should have told me that whilst i was still there and i could have planted a wet kiss on your forehead the way my grandma does it. teehee..

now whose day wont brighten up upon receiving these notes:

"i secretly praise you in so many ways/aspects. do great on your new journey. it may be unusual but you can always text me if you need company... you are a great person!"

"you always have a special space in my heart, for how could i forget the number of times you've made my gloomy days better and i always smile because i have you... because you were never judgmental and accepted me for who i am."

people closest to me know that i dont cry openly but i was on the verge of tears (thank heavens my tear ducts never betrayed me) when i sat there reading a note from someone who i know has been through a lot last year but was able to make it just fine.

"thank you so much for your help when i needed it the most. i know that i cant repay you with what youve given me but God will have someone else do it for me and he will do it when you will need help the most."

so i just shot her an email and told her that what i did was nothing and hearing her thank yous numerous times is enough. i really dont want to get mushy mushy with the hugging and all cause i know if i were to do that the flood gates will open and we will all be drowning in tears.

i guess those small notes are proof that despite the hard exterior, im still a soul capable of touching other people's lives. other people may see me otherwise but hey i know you will miss me in the long run.. haha. thank you. and to my closest buddies, im still waiting for your notes and this time i wont accept it without gifts.. :)

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hahah I'm still brewing my notes.. dont worry I will give it to you when I leave... hahahah

i was so touched by this story. Your such a good man for sure. God will bless you more....

It's just a proof that you are a good person. :)

@clipped wings. remember, your note should already include a gift. haha

@miko. thank you.. i always try to be good. :)

@joaqui. atleast some people were able to see the goodness in me. its high time for everyone to stop looking at the shell and see the pearl. lol.

hahaha. gift? sure...

you can check my closet... may be you'll like something there.. hahahah

I wont be bringing my books.... perhaps there's something you'll like...

@clippedwings. books? i want em all except for your books in college. :P


you will love my trigo and prob-stat book...

very entertaining...

@clippedwings. epistaxis! :(