elevator ride

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Ding! The elevator door opened and I stopped on my track instead of getting in immediately. Inside was my prince charming. The apple of my eye. My eternal sunshine looking imperial in red polo.

No one was inside but him and instead of keeping my cool, I stood in one of the corners of the elevator without bothering to press the button for my floor since he was standing on that side.

He looked at me and asked, "Fourth floor?" I got zapped back to earth and answered: "Fifth floor!" while making a dash for the button. Like the mighty knight in shining armor, he pressed the button before I was able to get my finger at it.

I coyly said thanks and he just gave me a smile. My heart almost leapt out of my mouth!

Gawd! He must be thinking I'm this invalid who got this dreamy look painted all over my face. Nevertheless his smile took my tiredness away and when he got off the lift, I was left alone enjoying the scent of his polo sport.

Yum! Yum! Yum! Deliciouso!

Then the door opened and I was in paradise --- rather, I was already at the 5th floor lobby.

I was just wondering how come I never got to a point where I thought of sordid images of me and him getting sweaty in the elevator. That would be kinky! Heck, I never looked at him salaciously to say the least. I just enjoy looking and admiring him that it never got to something sexual.

Hmmm.. This actually crossed my mind after his spell wore off. Now you be the shrink!

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Do I know this dude?

You disappoint me. I wanted you to push the emergency button and make out with him in the elevator. Yep, that would have been fun to write about.


haha.. i think you know him since he's been with this company since god knows when.

i know. very kinky eh?! haha..

hahaha... permi mag dungan sa elevator te! yeah he smells good...

and okay... okay.. he is neat...

and gwapo... and insik.. and baby face...

now am mumbling!

@clippedwings. yeah... he is all that rolled into one.

what would you think if there was a sudden loss of power?

ay hahaha. hmmm. elevator..masyadong mabilis eh. i cant do a quickie THAT fast.

we should try it some time hahaha

Punta kayo sa blog ko at may libreng pagkain! barttolina.blogspot.com

@thegeek. i dunno.. i think i'd play damsel in distress and pretend im claustrophobic.

and hopefully he'll come to my rescue and comfort me and kiss me and.... i should stop dreaming. haha.

@herbs. malandi ka tlgang bata ka. haha.

@bart. tlga? im on a diet eh. hehe.