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missin you a lot already.
envelop me in your loving breath and show me paradise.
looking forward to that day that i will feel the warmth of your embrace, again.

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I wanna go there! Hihi

The best danggit daw is in Bantayan.

yep yep..
i dont really care much about the food, its the place.. i just feel so relaxed there.

i miss the place as much as i miss my mokiks. hehe.

someday bestie...

we'll be back there... hehehe

I had fun lastMarch.. heheheh

thanks for celebrating my b day with me...

love youall friends... see you in five years time.. hahaha

thats kota beach in the pic right?

i dont like that resort.

kinsa man si mokiks?

@clipped wings. im dying to land my feet on the sands of bantayan again.

@bloiggster. shaddap!! haha.. KJ ka lang tlga.

si mokiks? well he is someone coming back to cebu real soon.. back to my tight embrace? :)

yeah who is mokiks?

I can't remember, you mentioned about mokiks?


I love Kota...

I always stay there...

Good customer service...

Its worth the pay...

@clippedwings. well thats because i dont wish that you guys will cannibalize my personal life. :P

matters of the heart are for me, myself and i to enjoy. :)

and im with you, i love kota! :D