the imp strikes again

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There was a major power interruption early today and since I wasn’t able to sleep, I went to the nearest mall here and decided to do another window shopping with a friend (more of trying to get the best out of the mall’s air conditioning system since the world is effing hot today). So we decided to just meet up there but I wasn’t aware that he is with his other friends.

He introduced me to his officemates and we talked for a bit before I excused myself and snatched my friend from them. He was bidding goodbye to them and I slowly walked away since he will just catch up.

He caught up with me and said his friend wants to have my number if I don’t mind.

I looked at him in disbelief saying I’m too old for that crappy line and that I don’t think his friend is the smart-y kind of guy which made him so out of my league. He hit me in the arm saying I’m being bitchy again and that its time for me to come out of my shell. He added:

“It’s not as if you need someone whispering in your ear Einstein’s EMC2 or the penal code while he is fucking your brains out.”

Now isn’t he the bestest best friend there is? Blah!

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you are so mapili! kelangan talaga smart guy!

@bloiggster. well that's me. to each his own. lol

so di ka na mapili? haha. u've lowered the bar?

hahaha, i dont like smart guys though. I enjoyed to company of guys that are according to my intelectual level.

actually. it does matter if he's whispering the penal code. or better yet, the exact definition or Pie.

we're both the same hehe. we dont need a guy to make our dick's cum *which we can obviously do to ourselves anyway* but someone who can make our brain cum hehe.

im way too obscene. im sooo sorry

of course not coconut! that person should still be smart. aanuhin ko ang gwapo at malaking etits kung di ko naman sya makakausap ng mga bagay bagay ukol sa mundo? baka mabulok ang utak ko pag ganon!

@gram math. ewan ko basta i tend to gravitate towards guys na me laman ang utak. hehe

@herbs. haha.. apir!

@bloiggster. o sya sabi mo eh. :P

There's nothing that turns me on more than someone whispering me the penal code while doing it.

What the eff! But your friend is so right. You should listen to him. If you ask me though, I am also rather picky.

How can you tell he was not smart in one look? I need some tips. lol :)


you can give my number instead...

Mas gusto ko yung mga tao na kapareho ko mag-isip at marunong makinig at umintindi.

Ayoko naman ng super smart. Mas malaki pa ang ego nila sa utak.

@cheryl. hehe.. now thats something!

@thedemigoddess. well, i dont know.. i mean its nice to screw around with someone who is good in bed but after the itch is gone what would you do if you could hardly talk to that person? i'd rather get stuck in bed with a troglodyte, get bashed with his huge bat and then talk the "ugh-ugh" way.

@joaqui. i wasnt just looking at him. we talked a bit and he just doesnt make sense at all. haha.

@clippedwings. igat! bow.

@bampiraako. well yeah.. katakot naman kung si einstein yung kahump mo no. then again i always get fascinated with guys who can leave me dumbfounded after a steamy round in bed.