knight in shining armor

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while i felt dejected, completely abandoned and forsaken (whatever you want to call it) yesterday, i felt like a "school-girl-true-blue-girl-who-wants-to-ask-can-you-come-out-and-play" tonight. i just saw the one person who never failed to make me smile every time i conjure a mental picture of him. and yeah i know, i sound so pathetic.. but what do u care?

i saw him while i was on my way to the lift. the door opened and ding! out came my-knight-in shining-armor-in-my-dreams and i was instantly warped to cloud 9.. he smells so nice and i goofily smiled inside as i felt my cheeks go red. i dont really need to have him for myself but someone who could atleast make me feel like this will be greatly appreciated.
i just laugh every time my friend asks me where his match is but seriously im wondering of the same thing today. i just want to feel needed, is it that too much to ask? *sigh*

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I used to feel this way for someone..but now, I don't even remember how this feels. I mean, I like to feel "kilig" again but I just can't anymore. Sigh.

@demigoddess. where have all the cowboys gone? :(


@clippedwings. that i wont deny! haha