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i had the funniest conversation tonight with one of the new agents here. i walked with her to the loo and before we parted ways to enter the little boy's room and the little girl's room, she told me that she has something to tell me. i asked what's it about but she just smiled sheepishly saying its something personal and its about me. i told her that im cool about that and if she has something to tell me, im all ears.

she didnt spill not until she had her leak.i waited for her outside the room and when she went out, i went for the kill. i grabbed her neck and squeezed the issue out of her (well not really). she said she is the straight forward type of girl and if there is something she really needs to ask, she will ask it right away otherwise she wont be able to put it to rest. so i gave her the green sign and our conversation went like this:

agent: sir, i have a question.
me: shoot!
agent: do you have a girl?
me: (startled with the question) whats with the question?
agent: i mean, you're not bad looking and i find you attractive. so do you have a girlfriend?
me: (getting a bit uncomfortable) uhhh.. no.
agent: well im single.
me: (getting really uncomfortable) well... uhhhmm.. im sorry but im not really the relationship type.
agent: why not?
me: because i like guys.
agent: oh.
me: yeah.
agent: ohhh..
me: (smiling) yeah.. so why dont you just divert your attention to Neil instead?
agent: well i dont find him cute.
me: (laughing)
agent: you just broke my heart!

thats one reason why as much as possible i really dont want to pretend im someone im not cause i dont want to be on a hot seat. now we are not talking but i always catch her looking at my direction and i just smile. too bad im sitting in front of her at the training room.

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ooh atta poor girl..

what an interesting conversation. is she pretty? if she is, pakilala mo naman ako. ;-)

OMG!!!!! You still have the power to deceive people when in fact you're shadow is screaming "I am Tooooot*" :) hahahaha kidding aside, I was almost rolling on the floor, laughing when I read this... :)

@clipped wings. i know.

@bloiggster. you guys are so into superficial stuff but yeah she has the looks PLUS she is smart.

@alittleodd. you are mean! i think you will like her though. hahaha..

when i get back to cebu, ask her if she wants to date a guy from manila. sige na, please? :)

@bloiggster. i dont know about that but we'll see. :)

Don't you wanna give it a try? hehehe

hahaha. witty girl! kakatawa naman!WAYLERFI


Seriously? you wanna do that?

come on... give the girl a break...

not another broken heart... hahahah

atta poor clueless gurl!

@joaqui. uhhh.. let me think about it. would u like to give it a shot?

@dokie. she is smart and i dont know why she still hasnt got a bf yet.

on second thought, i think thats what made her smart. lol.


I always have the strangest feeling that I know you. And if you are who I think you are, then that girl must be blind. But, if this is you, I have to say you are one-good looking son of a bitch. I'd date you for sure. Friendly date, ok?

A hot gay guy..Such a turn on.

@demigoddess. u know me, thats for sure. i dont know bout the good looking son of a bitch though.

a date for me would be a night at a bar drowning in vodka or tequila. you up for it? hehe..

already sent you an email.

@love. do you know one? can i have his number? teehee.