missing bantayan

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i am having a hard time sleeping again today mainly because i wasnt able to go to bantayan when someone already cordially invited me. everything has been set except for my things and when i get there, what i need to do is just to party, party and party some more. it was already four in the morning when he called me and gave me the itinerary and the location where we will be staying.

what i need to do is just to go straight home, pack my things and run to north terminal to take a bus to bantayan. however, upon knowing that there will be a lot of PLUs who will be sharing the room with us i backed out the last minute. and now he is mad and he wont talk to me after i turned down his invitation for the umpteenth time.

i miss bantayan. i miss the beach. the people. the food!

however, i had a bad experience going out with PLUs i hardly know and i dont want that to happen again specially now that i know that i can go nutters when i down a keg of vodka or a barrel of tequila washed with a case of redhorse. i already anticipated that there will be a lot of drinking since sunday will be the town fiesta and everyone will be partying like crazy then.

im so sorry my love but maybe some other day. i know that i will be able to feel your cool breeze caressing my face real soon and i can run and roll over like a crazy dog over your fine sand but right now, im taking a pass. i made a promise to myself and even your beauty wont tramp over that promise.


for some freaking reason, i am just so in love with the place. *sigh* will someone go with me to bantayan next week?

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im sure youll see bantayan again...

why not go to camotes? its nicer there

I have never been to Bantayan. Really sad, isn't it? and to think I'm just in Cebu.

It's demigoddess22@gmail.com.

@bloiggster. i know.

@demigoddess. i already sent you one but for some friggin reason it bounced back. you should tag along with us when we go back there next week (crossing my fingers).

we are so going back there this weekend

@clippedwings. i know! im ecstatic! :P